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Read Carefully As There Are Changes From Previous Seasons

The league rules and regulations appear on this page. Read the rules carefully and contact the league commissioner if you have any questions. This list of rules is not guaranteed to be complete. Any items not specifically covered in the rules are at the discretion of the league commissioner. Contact me at
pat@(no-spam) for any questions or issues. Remove (no-spam) from email address, inserted to prevent web crawling email harvesters and spambots from scanning.

If you want to enter your picks online instead of using a paper entry form, email me at the above address and I will set you up with an admin ID, userid, and password, which you will use all season long. You must have the admin ID, userid, and password in order to enter picks online. You cannot use the same admin ID, userid, and password from the 2007 season. Again, contact me and I'll set you up.

Notes for the 2008 Season:
1.) Week 1 kicks off season with a Thursday game, September 4, Washington at New York Giants. Two games on Monday night.
2.) Week 10 has a Thursday game.
3.) Week 11 has a Thursday game.
4.) Week 12 has a Thursday game.
5.) Week 13 (Thanksgiving) plays three games on Thursday.
6.) Week 14 has a Thursday game.
7.) Week 15 has a Thursday game.
8.) Week 16 (Christmas) has a Thursday game, and a Saturday game.
9.) Week 17 (New Years) has all Sunday games.

1) Each week you will predict the winners of NFL games.
2) You will earn a pool "Win" for each correct pick that you make. Game picks are always straight game winners, we're not considering the spread in this league.     However, I will post the spread for interest.
3) Tie games count as a pool "Loss".
4) Person with the most "Wins" that week wins the weekly jackpot. (*Also see Weekly Tie-Breaker)
5) Person with the most "Wins" out of the 17-week regular season, wins the overall DBOFFL championship and $340.00.
    See 'Prizes' at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Picks Deadline
The deadline for submitting picks will generally be Friday night, 8:00pm when all games are on Sunday. When there are Thursday games, the deadline will generally be Wednesday night, 8:00pm. I will have all player's picks posted on the website within a few minutes after the deadline lockout, barring any technical difficulties. Any entry is valid, website, email, paper, verbal, as long as it is accepted before I post up all player entries for the week.
It is each player's responsibility to ensure that their entry is submitted before the deadline. Due to the potential for technical difficulties regarding the website, it is strongly recommended that picks be entered as soon as possible.

Weekly Tie-Breaker
If there is a tie between two or more players in a given week, the tie will be broken as follows:
1) Picking the total score of the Monday Night Football game, closest pick without going over wins the tie-breaker. Week 1 has two Monday night games this year, and I will clearly designate on the pick sheet which one will be the tie-breaker game.
2) In case of a tie-breaker that is tied, prize money is split evenly.

If all tie-breaker contestants are 'over' the score, the closest one wins, and in case of tied tie-breaker the prize is split.

Season Total
The total number of regular season wins will determine the season overall winner. The most wins, wins.

Season Tie-Breaker
If there is a tie between two or more players for the season winner (most overall regular season wins), the tie will be broken as follows:
1) The player with the highest season percentage wins.(Remember, some weeks have more games than others)
2) The player with the most 'weekly' wins.
3) If two or more players are tied with highest percentage and number of weekly wins, then the closest Super Bowl prediction(without going over) score will be the determining factor.

Entry Fee
Entry fee is $5.00 each week. If you are paying by PayPal the entry fee is $5.50, to cover PayPal processing fee.

The weekly winner wins all of the money paid into pool that week except for $20.00, which goes into the overall season winner fund, and $1 each entry which goes to resources in running the pool.

After the 17 week regular season schedule, the overall league winner is determined, and wins $340.

Post-Season Play
After the regular season schedule is finished and the overall season winner banks their $340, there are still 4 more weeks of football action remaining. In chronological order these are: Wild Card playoff weekend, Divisional playoff weekend, Conference playoff weekend, and finally the Super Bowl.

The DBOFFL continues to cover the action, with this caveat: During post-season play there is no longer $20 held back as the season overall winner has already been paid, and no money is used for resources --- what's paid in is paid out to each post-season weekly winner!

Good luck to you for the 2008-2009 NFL season!



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The 2008-2009 Damn Barrel O' Fun Football League

"It's A Damn Barrel O' Fun, Dammit"

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